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I am running a company and I think 90 percent of advice is garbage. But, I like talking to people about what they think. This is a visceral, comedic and therapeutic exercise on building a #NoCode business...from one founder's POV.
⚡Hosted by startup comedian Jeremy Redman ⚡
“Hard to be boring around Jeremy Redman….he is the one of the hardest working and funniest founders I think I have ever spoken to :)” -Todd Uterstaedt, From Founder to CEO

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    Ep. 39: Bryan from Backstage

    Bryan Landers, a General Partner at Backstage Capital, comes on the podcast to talk about the investor's POV on raising funds and writing checks.

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    Ep. 36: Frankie and Alex talk Travel

    Alex and Frank(ie) are two entrepreneurs who founded "Elude," an upcoming app that makes traveling on a budget easy.

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    Ep. 29: Being Called Flighty w/ Lee Cote

    My old friend, Lee Cote, talk about being called flighty! Eff it - follow your dreams! Chasing your dreams looks "flighty" to average people. Don't be average.

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    Ep. 28: Entrepreneurial Sex Cult??? w/ Pia Silva

    Pia Silva discusses with me, among other things, what the eff an entrepreneurial sex cult is! lol. Def Not Boring Business. She is a talent in branding and writing for Forbes - listen listen

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    Ep. 27: Twenty Twenty

    Twenty Twenty lives in Australia and was beat to death (he died for 15 min) and then started a path to spiritual entrepreneurship. He gives me some advice on V/One about how to sell using my personality. Interesting to say the least.

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    Ep. 26: Success is Fleeting

    "I am seriously addicted to the results only approach" -me

    People need direction, but how much? What's the point where you say "okay, this is too much." You can only nurture people for so long... and you have to decide if it's even worth it in the first place.

    If someone isn't getting results, they're wasting my time and money.

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    Ep. 25: Is Anyone Irreplaceable

    Is anyone really irreplaceable??

    Jeremy squared takes on this age-old question in this new podcast. Stay tuned to find out more.

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    Ep. 23: A NYT Bestseller and A Humble $100

    Normal people, extraordinary ideas.

    Combine them and you get some pretty awesome shit

    Listen to New York Times Best Seller Chris Guillebeau talk about all the cool shit he's done and give some great advice.

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    Ep. 22: The WARNING Episode

    I'm stressed. I am using this as a cathartic experiment. A place to vent and use humor and handle being a CEO and fine if a company. So if I don't use big humor here I'll use anger in other places. And I don't want that

    If you love this episode you will love what we have in store! Stay tuned ....

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    Ep. 21: The Solopreneur Hour's Michael O'Neal

    Michael talks about his own difficult journey to embracing entrepreneurship and his own podcast that he started in August 2013 (have a listen on He has had over 9 MILLION downloads to date and growing. Some of the greatest advice you'll get is right here in this episode.He gives insights into his best business strategies (just do business as if it's the 80's) and how to not only find your idea but turn it into a successful business. Find out more about Michael and his various endeavors on

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    Ep. 20: Entrepreneur On Fire's John Lee Dumas

    Entrepreneur on Fire's John Lee Dumas talks about the next big land grab (hint: it has to do with Instagram), how you can find your big idea and how success changed his own priorities. Get ready to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur from someone who already made it.

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    Ep. 19: Sympl's Matthew Eleweke

    Matthew Eleweke talks about how to have success with a tech startup outside of Silicon Valley and how you can come ahead by following through.

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    Ep. 18: Todd Uterstaedt's From Founder To CEO

    Todd Uterstaedt talks about his own ventures as an entrepreneur, the lessons he learned and how his military career has shaped his work as founder and CEO.

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    Ep. 17: Rising Tide's Natalie Franke

    Natalie Franke talks about her journey from wedding photography to empowering a creative community, selling her own company, and fulfilling your dreams with passion and positivity no matter what you have to face.

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    Ep. 15: Built in LA

    Jacquie and John from BuiltinLA talk to Jeremy about the developing startup scene, and the lengths one will go to realize their idea.

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    Ep. 14: Kyle Willkom

    Kyle Willkom is a motivational speaker who helps foster the leaders of the future by motivating and speaking to today's youth across various high schools.

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    Ep. 13: Dave Meltzer

    I drive down for a meeting with Dave Meltzer (our convo revolves around this). I'm in his territory so the dynamic was cool. Dave kills it with a surrounding team of all-stars. It's no wonder he runs an amazing sorts marketing company.

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    Ep. 12: Jason Horton

    Jeremy Redman sits down with Jason Horton and talks business, pizza jokes, stand-up comedy and first impressions.

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    Ep. 11: Brad A. Kinnan

    Brad is a filmmaker and story teller. And he tells his story beautifully, so have an intense listen.

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    Ep. 10: Dave Arthurs

    Dave has sold a company to Open Table, where he then ran the product team. He is 100 percent certified fresh if he were rated by Rotten Tomatoes ;) Also, Dave gave the BEST speech at my 30th birthday - wha what!

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    Ep. 9: Scheherezade Daftary

    Scheherezade stops by and talks her passion: filling your belly! Her passion shines through in this interview of universe, food, and everything in between.

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    Ep. 8: Jess Lipowski

    Jess Lipowski and I enjoy a chat about how we [un]usually meet people, and her chance encounter with a fellow airplane passenger. As well as her book, Flavors of Life.

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    Ep. 7: Noah Baron

    Noah Baron is an actor, producer and an awesome. At least this is what his Instagram bio says. We talk about YouTubing and leveraging viral videos - can it be done? He's up and coming in Hollywood.

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    Ep. 6: EY's Herb Engert

    I travel to NYC to discuss entrepreneurship and private equity with EY's Herb Engert. We go over a variety of topics including Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts, and we relate it all to private equity. Herb knows it all when it comes to the topic so listen up, Not Boring Nation.

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    Ep. 4: Detroit vs Everybody w/ Ryan Landau

    A chat with the founder of repurpose, Ryan Landau about building a company in Detroit. He's done it over and over so if anyone can be successful anywhere it's Ryan

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    Ep. 1: Living With A Story Mindset

    In this episode we cover the meaning of Not Boring Business, my background (including my company AirFive) and living with a story mindset.

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