Not Boring Business
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Not Boring Business is an experiment in pivoting and curiosity. Whether it be a personal or career pivot, stay curious, my friends!
⚡Hosted by Jeremy Redman, founder & CEO of AirFive, Inc.⚡

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    Ep. 16: Dave Meltzer

    I drive down for a meeting with Dave Meltzer (our convo revolves around this). I'm in his territory so the dynamic was cool. Dave kills it with a surrounding team of all-stars. It's no wonder he runs an amazing sorts marketing company.

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    Ep. 15: Jason Horton

    Jeremy Redman sits down with Jason Horton and talks business, pizza jokes, stand-up comedy and first impressions.

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    Ep. 14: Brad A. Kinnan

    Brad is a filmmaker and story teller. And he tells his story beautifully, so have an intense listen.

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    Ep. 13: Dave Arthurs

    Dave has sold a company to Open Table, where he then ran the product team. He is 100 percent certified fresh if he were rated by Rotten Tomatoes ;) Also, Dave gave the BEST speech at my 30th birthday - wha what!

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    Ep. 12: Jonathan Schlossberg

    Jonathan and I chat about a career in Hollywood and how he made a choice to be successful and is following his dreams.

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    Ep. 11: Scheherezade Daftary

    Scheherezade stops by and talks her passion: filling your belly! Her passion shines through in this interview of universe, food, and everything in between.

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    Ep. 10: Jess Lipowski

    Jess Lipowski and I enjoy a chat about how we [un]usually meet people, and her chance encounter with a fellow airplane passenger. As well as her book, Flavors of Life.

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    Ep. 9: Noah Baron

    Noah Baron is an actor, producer and an awesome. At least this is what his Instagram bio says. We talk about YouTubing and leveraging viral videos - can it be done? He's up and coming in Hollywood.

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    Ep. 8: EY's Herb Engert

    I travel to NYC to discuss entrepreneurship and private equity with EY's Herb Engert. We go over a variety of topics including Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts, and we relate it all to private equity. Herb knows it all when it comes to the topic so listen up, Not Boring Nation.

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    Ep. 6: Detroit vs Everybody w/ Ryan Landau

    A chat with the founder of repurpose, Ryan Landau about building a company in Detroit. He's done it over and over so if anyone can be successful anywhere it's Ryan

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    Ep. 3: The Business of Crickets? Yum

    I have a chat with the head of business development for Aketta. He will tell you why you should be eating...crickets!! Churp churp!

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    Ep. 1: Living With A Story Mindset

    In this episode we cover the meaning of Not Boring Business, my background (including my company AirFive) and living with a story mindset.

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